Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

Almost everyone I know appreciates a little sweet treat after a meal. Whether it’s a brownie, piece of fruit or a scoop of ice cream our habits, brain chemistry and diet makeup haunts us to satisfy the craving. With more consumers looking to make “smarter/ healthier” choices, small portions of these sweet treats allows us to appease the “everything in moderation” tactic and not desert dessert. Over the last two years, there’s been an increase in cookie sales, likely due to consumers quantifying it as a “mini-portion” dessert. Bakeries have recognized this trend and are capitalizing on the popularity by expanding the product varieties by exploring creative flavors with a variety of innovative ingredients.

Moon Rocks is located in Hamden, CT

Moon Rocks is located in Hamden, CT

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies is the fruit of Cynthia Rae’s, mamma Moon Rocks, labor. During her culinary training, Cynthia’s professor challenged her to create a chocolate chip cookie recipe that tasted the way she thought they should taste. This is where the “secret recipe” was born. Recently, Cynthia and her daughter decided to make Moon Rocks cookies available for retail purchase, because “the world needed them.” I received a sample of a few of their cookie varieties.

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies come in a variety of flavors!

Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies come in a variety of flavors!

From the top of the plate and moving clockwise, the cookie flavors included were: Lemon Cheesecake; Orange Cranberry; Ugly Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip; Chocolate Chocolate Chip; Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip; and Peppermint (center). The cookies don’t resemble your typical looking and shaped cookies, but they do look like rocks, hence their name. Upon tasting you’ll notice that the unique decadent flavors shine through and don’t get overpowered by an excessive amount of sugar, like many store bought cookies. Our favorites were the dark chocolate chocolate chip and the ugly salted caramel chocolate chip.

Moon Rocks offers a variety of gourmet cookies that you can purchase by the half dozen or in greater quantities. You can purchase Moon Rock’s gourmet cookies either on their website or at their retail location on Dixwell Avenue in Hamden, CT.


Do you look for a sweet treat after your meal?

What’s your favorite kind of cookie?


Disclaimer:  While I was provided with a complimentary sample of Moon Rock’s gourmet cookies, the opinions and views expressed above are my own and describe my personal experience.


One thought on “Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies

  1. Love Moon Rock Cookies!! They’re amazing!! They’re the perfect little treat for everyone’s sweet tooth. I love all the different flavors especially the cheesecake ones. Who would have thought a cheesecake in a cookie?! So unique and so different!

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